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Sublime Frequencies Sampler (mp3)

If you are new to the world of Sublime Frequencies this is a great place to start. Here we present 31 of the most amazing tunes from the Sublime Frequencies CD and LP releases hand-picked by the label itself and offered at this site exclusively for download.

SF031 - Omar Souleyman: Highway to Hassake (Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria) (mp3)

Described by some in the west as “Jihadi Techno”, this is Omar Souleyman’s first release outside the middle east! Compiled, assembled, and edited by Mark Gergis, “Highway to Hassake” is an overview of Omar’s entire career. This is the true folk/pop sound of modern Syria. Instrumentation includes Saz, Oud, vocals and amazing keyboard electronics which play out as forbidden morse code at breakneck speeds…intense and mesmerizing.

SF011 - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop music Vol. 1 (mp3)

An unbelievable collection of dynamic Cambodian music recorded between the 1960s and the 1990s, both in Cambodia and in the United States. A truly Khmer blend of folk and pop including Cha-Cha, Psychedelia, Phase-shifting Rock, sultry circle dance standards, pulsing Cambodian new wave, haunted ballads, musical comedy sketches, Easy-Listening numbers and raw instrumental grooves.

SF000 - The Complete Sublime Frequencies Catalog (mp3 (192 kbps))

The Sublime Frequencies Catalog (001-051, audio titles only), mailed to your doorstep. Formats available include mp3 and flac.

SF046 - Group Bombino: Guitars From Agadez Vol. 2 (mp3)

Limited Edition 180 gram vinyl LP with full-color gatefold jacket. Group Bombino are the latest discovery from the outer fringes of the Saharan Guitar scene. Volume 2 of the Guitars from Agadez series is their debut LP. Led by Omara Mochtar, Group Bombino are fast gaining mythic status within the Tuareg community for their legendary performances and incendiary guitar heroics.

SF030 - Group Doueh: Guitar Music From The Western Sahara (mp3)

The first Sublime Frequencies Vinyl Release! 180 gram vinyl, full-color gatefold jacket, and limited one-time pressing of 1000 copies. Raw & unfiltered electric Guitar Music of an entirely different order, this is Saharawi music from the Western Sahara sung in the Hassania language and Group Doueh’s first official release outside their home base of Dakhla.

SF025 - Choubi Choubi! Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq (mp3)

This collection of vintage folk and pop displays a wealth of outstanding music that is exclusive to Iraq and has rarely been showcased abroad. Saddam Era Iraqi music styles from Choubi rhythms, Zanbour drumming (rapid-fire machine gun hand drums), Socialist folk-rock with electric guitar and trumpet, Basta, Bezikh, Hecha, and the gorgeous vocal style of Mawal.

Timba Harris - "Nexus: Cascadia"

A core member of Secret Chiefs 3 and a leader of the exciting West Coast ensemble Estradasphere, Timba Harris is a composer and multi instrumentalist of great passion and skill. His first Tzadik CD is a remarkable extended composition about the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest. A fascinating mosaic of unfamiliar soundscapes, Timba blends choral music with strings and electronics to create a true orchestral sweep.

SF055 - Omar Souleyman - Jazeera Nights (mp3)

Sublime Frequencies is honored to present Omar Souleyman's third Western collection on disc. This retrospective features live recordings spanning 15 years of Omar's tireless repertoire, and is rife with frenzied Syrian dabke (a regional folkloric dance and party music), Iraqi choubi and a host of Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish styles, among others -- an amalgamation that exemplifies the musical essence of Northeastern Syria.

SF061 - Group Inerane - Guitars From Agadez Vol. 3 (mp3)

Volume 3 of the now legendary Guitars from Agadez series is finally here. Group Inerane’s sophomore LP is the latest missive from the now sound of Niger’s Tuareg guitar scene. Led by guitar hero Bibi Ahmed, this new incarnation introduces another legend on second guitar, one Koudede Maman.