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  • Timba Harris - "Nexus: Cascadia"

    A core member of Secret Chiefs 3 and a leader of the exciting West Coast ensemble Estradasphere, Timba Harris is a composer and multi instrumentalist of great passion and skill. His first Tzadik CD is a remarkable extended composition about the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest. A fascinating mosaic of unfamiliar soundscapes, Timba blends choral music with strings and electronics to create a true orchestral sweep.
  • God of Shamisen - "Dragon String Attack"

    Estradasphere's multicultural side project, God of Shamisen is the only American band led by a master of the fretless Japanese shamisen. This is their 2008 debut album, Dragon String Attack.
  • God of Shamisen - "Smoke Monster Attack"

    Teaming up with producer Billy Anderson, God of Shamisen returns with Smoke Monster Attack, their second album. Featuring some new tunes along with some interesting video game cover songs, the band is back to its genre-bending ways. Featuring Kevin Kmetz on the Japanese shamisen, Karl Schnaitter on guitar, Mark Thornton on bass, and Lee Smith from the band Estradasphere on drums.
  • Good for Cows - "10th Anniversary Concert"

    GOOD FOR COWS is a duo consisting of DEVIN HOFF on string bass and CHES SMITH on drums...
  • Gyan Riley Trio - The New York Sessions

    The Gyan Riley Trio's first release. Hot on the heels of their Guinness-fueled tour of Ireland, the trio - guitarist/composer Gyan Riley, violinist/violist Timb Harris (Secret Chiefs 3, Estradasphere), and drummer Ches Smith (Good For Cows, Xiu Xiu, Secret Chiefs 3) - stopped over in New York to capture some of the repertoire they'd been performing; a blend of jazz and western classical music, with a deferential bow to North Indian, Spanish, and Romanian traditions.