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  • Timba Harris - "Nexus: Cascadia"

    A core member of Secret Chiefs 3 and a leader of the exciting West Coast ensemble Estradasphere, Timba Harris is a composer and multi instrumentalist of great passion and skill. His first Tzadik CD is a remarkable extended composition about the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest. A fascinating mosaic of unfamiliar soundscapes, Timba blends choral music with strings and electronics to create a true orchestral sweep.
  • Good for Cows - "10th Anniversary Concert"

    GOOD FOR COWS is a duo consisting of DEVIN HOFF on string bass and CHES SMITH on drums...
  • Gyan Riley Trio - The New York Sessions

    The Gyan Riley Trio's first release. Hot on the heels of their Guinness-fueled tour of Ireland, the trio - guitarist/composer Gyan Riley, violinist/violist Timb Harris (Secret Chiefs 3, Estradasphere), and drummer Ches Smith (Good For Cows, Xiu Xiu, Secret Chiefs 3) - stopped over in New York to capture some of the repertoire they'd been performing; a blend of jazz and western classical music, with a deferential bow to North Indian, Spanish, and Romanian traditions.